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30 December 2009 @ 03:13 pm
812: THE YEAR-END POST! (tl;dr for short)  
Is this for real? I just made one last year, and now..... XD TIME REALLY FLIES AND I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I tried writing corollaries to the hypothesis on time whether it is just an illusion or the illusion is reality. But I failed because I realized that the "me" from seven years ago is much capable of coming up with something more sensible. 1.) it might involve Mathematics | 2.) the 20-year-old has forgotten the useful scientific terms necessary to come up with a corollary | 3.) scientific names are now- e.g.: Altus vox {Shibutani Subaru} | 4.) the frequency of petit mal episodes. And then, there were people who friended me on Facebook, just to send me messages asking if I practice fortune-telling and divination (they've heard and I have no idea who told them!). They even asked me for my address, and were serious about going for a consultation. So I made another account. >_<; FYI: Idda De Jesus is no fortune-teller. Aura reading, anyone?

The introduction above has only 20% relevance to the real post. In my 8 years of being a fan, I can say that this isn't the best year (what do you call 2007?), but things I wished for like 'more exposure for my favorite people' or 'more fanservice' came true. And if I were that fortune teller they're looking for, I wouldn't get excited about stuff going on in my fandom. Without any further ado....

WHY "OH YAY!"? Find out....

Here are winners, er the names that made me go "YAY!" from January to December just because a.) I read about them anywhere | b.) I downloaded their stuff | c.) I LIKE THEM | d.) they really did well.

: attention, Oricon top rankings (sales!!!!), a drama for each member (each of them became the lead actor), recognition, bragging rights.
     Basically, they were the very first JE unit I knew. It was in 2001 (I forgot the song), while I was watching Channel V. Their video was shown, along with ZONE's GOOD DAYS . The first member I noticed was Sho, but my current favorite is Nino. (: It's ironic though that even if they were the first I knew, I'm not even a big fan of them. But hey, of course, they deserve this spot!

Bagged: attention, dramas
     Honestly, I'm about to develop a crush on Yoko. Seriously. (: Year after year, he just gets better and better. When the role calls for him to be serious, he pulls it off perfectly.  What more can I say? 2009 was definitely a great year for him, and I hope he'll get more acting projects next year.

And in random order....
Bagged: Mizushima Hiro, Oricon top rankings (sales!!), recognition
     I love her voice and her music. I'm not a big fan of Mizushima Hiro, but I was really happy when they got married. It's good to know that Kamen Rider Kabuto will always be there to protect her. Aww...
Bagged: a comeback from her hiatus, attention, new haircut, hit singles
     After announcing her (supposed to be a year-long) hiatus last year, I was hoping that it won't take long because I'll miss her music. Surprisingly, she came back in less than 6 months with the single AGAIN. XD

Bagged: attention, a movie next year!!
     This trio never fails to make laugh. Naomi is so gorgeous. Hahahaha. And the moment I read that they're going to have a movie next year and Kuroki Meisa as Strawberry's rival, I was really ecstatic.

Bagged: attention, a drama, debut single, Kohaku Utagassen exposure
     Putting him here just to tell you I'm not blind. XD The Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow (or whatever they're called) reminds me of Namie Amuro with Super Monkeys. Just wait until Yuma goes solo. But I'm sure that there will always be one Hiromi Go, the man whose beautiful upper set of teeth I worship.

Bagged: a movie, a single out of KAT-TUN, butt exposure (a.k.a. the traditional disrobing for AN-AN)
     Jin had always been a winner. Fact. And this year, he got MORE. I only have a few words for people who are the usual subject of other fans. So I guess you know why he's here. XD
Bagged: solo single out of NEWS, a top-rating drama, girls
     Ah,Mr. Loveless. Same explanation. Please refer to the one above. XD
Bagged: attention, drama SP, movie
     In Tamamori's case, slowly, he's becoming the face of Kis-My-Ft2. Two or three years ago (or let's say, from the time he became the "T" of the acronym), Tamamori was very shy, he used to space out a lot, and he was just satisfied in backdancing. And now, I'm happy that finally, he's coming out of his comfort zone so confident and determined to debut. I watched the Gokusen SP because I wanted to see his acting, and he succeeded in playing the character pretty well. It's rare for a Junior to be in a movie, and for Tamamori, it's the start of bigger things to come.

Bagged: a drama, another show
     (Ya)otome zakyuu indeed. (bad pun) I only managed to watch until Episode 5 of Orthros no Inu, so is there anyone who could make me finish it by telling me so? XD He's really good at playing drug -addicted characters. 

Bagged: a drama, a butai, exposures in out-of-JE magazines sans HSJ. XDDDD
     To tell you the truth, the reason why I watched Ninkyo Helper was Kuroki Meisa. It's wasn't even Yabu, or Yuki Jutta, or even that cute kid. XD So, Yabu got lots of blessings this year. Next year, I hope that he'll gain weight. XD

HSJ didn't release a single this year. How's that? Do you remember if I told you that I wished for something like it to happen? XD I'm pretty sure they're going to make up for it next year.

If you wish to continue, thank you. (:
Because my H!P fandom deserves love!

: a liberating haircut
     For someone who kept her hair long for more than ten years, it was a tough decision for Maimi to have 30cm of her hair chopped for a change. It looks good on her, right? I always complained at the lack of variety of her hair 'cause most of the time, she just had it that way, seldom styled or curled unlike Airi and her big Buono! hairstyles. Maimi must've been heartbroken by Umeda Erika's graduation, and was moved by the song Heartbreaker so she opted for a new Pat Benatar hairstyle. She's still beautiful, er handsome....I'm confused! 

Related to Maimi, 2009 also saw the 'graduation' of two ℃-ute members, Arihara Kanna and Umeda Erika.
     Kanna leaving H!P without a graduation concert made me so sad, but then, I saw it coming. For months, there wasn't any news about her, whether she was recovering from her surgery or the agency formally dropped her because of her Romeo & Juliet romance with Hasshi. (Hi Hasshi!) Kanna is the member who hugs molests the other girls (even the girls from Berryz! Shimizu Saki is a victim. XD ), especially Airi, loves the smell of Maimi, and joins Erika at the back most of the time. You can seldom distinguish her voice because she doesn't sing much, but she shines in the dance shot versions of their PV's. In this post, you'll see why she was special to me. C'mon, every idol group needs a member-ai whore. :_____;  As for Umeda Erika, I'll remember her for being the leader of H!P's shortest-lived mayfly unit (it's not even temporary) BELLO.

     They PWNED Buono in the random contests (head-banging, ramen eating, drum battle, trip to Jerusalem, etc.). I liked the rivalry concept, but Bello, being the bitches, should've taken up a crash course on bitching from Sawajiri Erika. XD

     Erika's reason for retiring from the idol world is her desire to pursue a modelling career. And another one with the exact reason for graduation is....

     Morning Musume's Miracle Member (hahaha consonantal alliteration XD) just graduated early this month. I liked Koha when she was the newest and the youngest until the release of Balalaika as Kirarin. For two years, I didn't pay that much attention to her, but the news of  her graduation made me watch and listen to her stuff.

DUN DUN DUN DUN. This is a picspam\pimpage portion. If you wish to proceed, THANK YOU. XD
One of the few girls in H!P who had a fine 2009 was....
Bagged: 2nd photobook, being included in Guardians4 and Bello!, attention
H!P's version of Ayukawa Taiyo, but I call her THE LOVECHILD. XD Look at her, didn't she inherit the looks, the dorkness and the height of Papa, and the extreme dislike of tomatoes from Mama? This video is the evidence. 


She's a gentle giant.

One of the reasons why I download the 'making-of' videos. Yurina and Risako are so adorable.

They're all calling her. XD LOL @ clueless Risako.

Looks familiar. ;D


Nakajima Saki acting weird and talking about UFO-san. Yurina listening intently while Risako and Aika with their "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT." expression.  

Looks familiar vol. 2



Sometimes I wonder, is she really that tall? Calling Ines Ligron, here's a potential MUJ contestant!

Yurina and Risako again.


Momoko, I win! She always has the same reaction whenever she wins. Papa's emotional DNA.

It's this game, and look at her, she's watching Risako.

Miyabi begging.

Berryz Koubou in Hawaii

This picture is random, but I knew I had to include this just because they all had photobooks this year. Congratulations to Maasa (who's going to have a movie next year) and Chinami! Momoko had another photobook this year, but I was too lazy to cap, so there. XD

Her fans wearing shirts in her image color with her name.


This prank was the highlight of the DVD. The guy was a suspect and when Yurina opened the door of the vehicle, it was Maasa who first recognized the guy and so she ran. The rest stood for awhile before they started running. XD There's no clip of that part, but here, you'll see a bit of it.

Shopping contest. Their team even managed to go to a purikura booth. 


Ueda Tatsuya-  a butai, a drama, Best Newcomer Award
Kuroki Meisa- a butai, debut album and single, random awards\recognition, movie projects
Kanjani∞ - the three-day consecutive single release - RECORD!!
and oh....I'm too lazy to name some more.

Please see this one too if you're interested.

E.T.A.: I knew it. D; You know what I'm talking about. I worked on this post for 5 hours and checked my f-list after I was done. Tsk tsk.Maybe I should try to listen to Yuma and his henchmen. I liked Snow Prince, btw.
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mari-chan <3kipani_mariko on December 30th, 2009 08:42 am (UTC)
Definitely a big year for these people. I mean technically Jin's solo con that costs a lot of money will be out next year but XD Yamashita did have his solo con this year though, yeah? And yes Nakayama Yuma. It's pretty amazing how he just shot up there! Can't deny the Arashi either XD

That's funny about the fortune telling thing LOL

Hope you have a great new year :3
ℋ: momokosoeursierra on December 30th, 2009 11:05 am (UTC)
But I'm really happy for K∞ too because of that achievement. It was too late for me to make a banner. XD

Yea, I even receive text messages from random people who claimed they saw my number on a newspaper. D;

Thanks! ♥ And I hope your 2010 will be great too! (:
もきこ: ♀ Kumai Yurina ♀mokiko on December 30th, 2009 12:59 pm (UTC)
I've been totally lacking of interest in my fandoms this year. T__T So, it adds up one more reason as of why this year sucked so much...

Let's hope 2010 will be better, ne. :3
originalcolour on December 30th, 2009 04:42 pm (UTC)
B-but really, your acronym-ing creeps me out. >_>;

I like some members of Arashi and especially Jin but their constant appearance in my f-page kind of made me tired out. I actually love Yuma's voice. IDK if you should continue OnI or not, but if you're only watching it for Hikaru....IDK (lol mentioning that didn't help at all XD). He got few dramatic scenes in the near end episodes but lack of exposure.

And lol at your white texts. |D I'm restraining myself to hate them anymore and continue supporting the two instead.
ℋ: taiyo 1soeursierra on December 31st, 2009 04:38 am (UTC)
Random is random. I have a strong feeling that I'll be on AMUSE's side next year. Imagining Shoon transferring there = movies, more exposure.... I fangirled the AMUSE boys in silence so most likely, I'll give them that year.

ARASHI = Momotaros & company in Kamen Rider Den-O. Hahahahaha. They're everywhere too. OK, OK, I have to 1.) download Yuma and the friendly neighbors song (only that song) | 2.) download the remaining episodes of Orthros I haven't watched. I've been watching movies I've downloaded in the past months. XD

Am I inviting danger because I left this post public? XD
Brow[Nhi]boycottbananas on December 30th, 2009 06:43 pm (UTC)
Did you read about how K∞ got the top 3 Oricon spots or something? It sounds pretty awesome. :'D

This was a big year for everyone except for probably... NewS. :/ And/or Perfume? Idk. But it's awesome for everyone else. ^^ Especially Arashi, whoa. :o
ℋ: my girlssoeursierra on December 31st, 2009 04:40 am (UTC)

I haven't heard from Perfume lately. ): But this year was definitely ARASHI's year.
Brow[Nhi]boycottbananas on December 31st, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)

Their ⊿ tour DVD will come out January next year, I think? But no singles after ⊿ had come out. :/
Michyrisa_is_angel on January 4th, 2010 01:39 am (UTC)
I knew a lot of ppl on this list :)

I hope C-ute does well though....they rely on Airi way too much!

and The JE boys <3 I just love them so much that words cant explain my love for them <3
yabucchi: kocchanyabucchi on January 6th, 2010 04:06 am (UTC)
I must agree with your comments. Especially Arashi, Jin, Yamapi, Hikaru, Yabu, and Yuta!
lol- What is with Hiakru and his druggie roles? And practically all the JE boys need food! D: How can they all be that skinny!
Yurina is so cute~
Have a happy new year!