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03 August 2014 @ 12:20 am
Rainy Day  
     I'm not the kind of person who loves and romanticizes the rain. In fact, I hate it with a passion. Although I'm quite a hikikomori and unsociable at times, the rain just doesn't make me feel good.   
     Recently, I was able to catch up on some fandom news. Before, I'd be so specific with fandoms, but now, I just lump everything in a single category. Some news are bad/sad and some are good, and I have to mention (indirectly) the sinking of my biggest ship. XD I found it quite devastating since that 'ship' was what I held onto throughout my college years and even until before it sank. Technically, it's a sunken ship even before I knew it, because I was late with the news and it's practically impossible to imagine them together because they've parted ways a long, long time ago. A few weeks ago, I decided to become active on Twitter again and switched to a spare account I made 3 years ago. I don't know how I'll describe the switch or the whole concept of my new account, but it's basically my hideout from Facebook (and I'm going back here from time to time too!) I a friend how much that 'ship' means to me and although it's a sunken one, I wanted to salvage the relics and bring it to the Smithsonian in my heart of hearts. XD I never learn.
     Another depressing fandom news, a couple of hours ago, my favorite female idol group, Berryz Koubou, announced their 'indefinite hiatus' which will start next year. ): They themselves don't want to call it a 'disbandment' because it's heavier and with more finality to it. Maasa said that they have been discussing it for about a year- what other things they want to pursue or experience. I admit that I haven't been following them the way I used to during the 'peak' of my blogging years since 2011, but I sometimes read their blogs. Yurina is still the most special member for me, but collectively, Berryz Koubou is a very special idol group that reading the news made my heart waver. It's not in the same intensity as Ya-Ya-yah's but it's painful when you become aware of the uncertainties once 2015 begins.
     I just don't want that to happen to w-inds.. I don't care about Johnny's Entertainment anymore. I graduated from high school, I finished college, and I want to get my graduate diploma too with w-inds. still there. They're very special. I'd say it this way, Ya-Ya-yah is something sacred that I put in a special vault, while w-inds. occupies my heart without having J.E. as competitors. And speaking of w-inds., lately, I have 'rediscovered' Hanamuke, or rather, I'm now in a different situation wherein Hanamuke has a different level of meaning to me. In 2007, I loved the song because I'm fond of ballads, and just like Yakusoku no Kakera and shiki, I considered them in the same category of songs that are good to listen to. After 7 years, there's something in Hanamuke that reminds me of the sunken ship that brings me back to 2007, a year I consider a turning point. Hanamuke has reached the point that it's not just another ballad or song I love to listen to, but it's a time capsule, a message about how it is difficult to say goodbye. I reserve the use of the term "vocal pyrotechnics" only for Keita for very obvious reasons. <3 And with the topic of goodbye, from the movie 'Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru', the song of the fictional band CRUDE PLAY called "Sayonara no Junbi wa Mou Dekiteita" has become a favorite of mine. Asaka is the fictional drummer of the band so that got me into watching the movie and even fangirling CRUDE PLAY (Miura Shohei's voice is gold, btw). Kameda Seiji (ex-Tokyo Jihen and prolific music producer-composer) is truly a genius for creating that song. "Sayonara no Junbi wa Mou Dekiteita" is a song about being always prepared to say goodbye. Well, it's not always easy, isn't it? I listen to the song when it's quiet and I turn up the volume for emphasis and self-torment...it's so beautiful.The melody is perfect for the predicament of the song, which matches Miura Shohei's vocal performance.
     So there, I end this entry with w-inds.' live performance of Hanamuke.
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